Japan – Bonsai and Ikebana

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Having completed a short bonsai course in 2014, I was very excited to (of course) see LOTS of bonsai around, small and big!     Along with some beautiful Ikebana (flower arrangements).


Japan – Tokyo!

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No posts in almost a year!!?  Haven’t been taking as many photos, but I went to Japan in May and took a bunch that I’d like to share…. This first lot is from Tokyo!

Mid 2014

And here’s a random selection… Some from Muriwai in March…. Corbans Winery graffiti from April.. A couple of ones from a fishing trip in May and finally two from Glinks Gully in June..  :)


Sydney July 2014

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Been ages since I’ve posted on here… Time to catch up :) First, we have photos from my trip to Sydney back in July…


Art haul..

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Pics I’ve ripped off the net *tut-tut* but I’m sharing with the artist names as best as I can – all credit due!