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Graffiato, Taupo, 2015

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Spent the weekend in Taupo so checked out some GRAFFIATO pieces from over the years.. I’ve always wanted to go and now more than ever! Hopefully in 2016 :) Nice to know that SOME places appreciates street art…     … Continue reading


Western Springs Graff, Trees and Bird-life..

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Oh and a random ride!! Finally found this wall (back in June)… Not sure how I feel about tagging on trees though ay…. Cool spot all the same.


SoHole June 2013

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The wall is full now I think… One of the few/last left in town!!


These are a few of my favourite things..

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Arrived to work one day to a newspaper cutout on my desk of a picture of Grumpy Cat graffiti’d at a ‘dog park in Three Kings’… My boss knew I would love the combination of two of my favourite things!! … Continue reading


Happy New Year!!

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A New Year and finally a New Post :) These photos are all taken by me from various times gone by. I hope you enjoy the post, and the year ahead.. xox