My thoughts on grey matter.

Graffiti..Street Art… Beautiful Crimes…. I just can’t get enough….. I suppose it’s something to do with the fact it’s ever changing & accessible….. plus I obviously find it pleasing to the eye…. I’m always, almost subconsciously looking for things to photograph (to the annoyance of anyone walking with me!!) But unforunately grey walls are spreading like a disease around Auckland City…… :(

One of the most famous wiped walls would be Poynton Tce…

If you need to read up on this balls-up check out this blog.

This has been put up on the wall since:

See more about Poynton Tce DISLIKE here.

Could/Should have been worse!!! This is a wall in Camperdown, NSW:

I totally agree with this statement by Component in Grey Lynn:

Recently learnt about Crack & Shine – Londons first graffiti book. (I want it!!)  They have also done a series of films on international graff. Watch the trailer here……  I found this quote there which sums up my feelings pretty well:

“The system is fucking fucked. I guess what graffiti does is take the piss…”

I really don’t know what more I can do to stop the councils rampage(although I would LOVE to work at the council, just to TRY make some changes…. don’t get me started on council plantings, in roundabouts etc… that’s a whole other post)… I have signed petitions, written to the mayor & bought Askews print to support him as he is ‘front-line’ so to speak… I guess I will just continue to photograph what I can (I literally could almost cry when I miss a new piece before its wiped) & eagerly await my graffiti world tour (Melbourne, Sao Paulo, Berlin etc…) as Auckland is getting boring pretty fast!!

Oh & this advert by the police is bloody cheeky……. Can’t really blame Otis for doing it (hopefully they paid well!) but fuck – bit of a joke!


One response to “My thoughts on grey matter.

  1. Beautiful Photos Julia… Really Stunning work.

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