A few finds, a surprise and an update……

Took my camera with me to do a few things today…. First of all found the Component Ed Hillary, and Handle With Care stencil in Grey Lynn shops…….. Then while cruising K’Rd (after a quick stop in Verona Cafes loo) I remembered where Marilyn was, I’d seen her the week before when I was camera-less…. FYI she’s by Supper Club :) Had to snap the random $3.50 Hole in the Wall Hot Dog store……. WTF!!?? Can I get sauce with that??? As I walked to my car I stumbled across a FULL alleyway off K’Rd… What a find! I had seen a couple of snaps someone else had taken of it so was well stoked to find it :D Then did an update of Condom Alley – Love how Shake has touched up his silver piece with pirate…. and I hope (s)he will do it Again & Again :) Photograffy makes me happy, I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed taking them :)


2 responses to “A few finds, a surprise and an update……

  1. Very nice. FYI new stuff on the Soho wall. DLT and DT.

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