Melbourne – Part 1 [MAINLY STICKER ART]

So I was lucky enough to spend last week in Melbourne.. been wanting to go there for a while now, knowing it would be right up my ALLEY!!!

I had a great time and it exceeded my expectations when it came to street art that’s for sure…..I took as many photos as I could (without spending the whole time looking down the viewfinder!) managing to fill my 8gb memory card with 1592 photos :) but I could have done it 3 times over at least! That city is far and wide and full of goodness……

I’ve done my best to refine the selection, but still have a HEAP to share!!

This first series is of Melbournes Poles, Signs & Boxes.

I also have a number from the Botanic Gardens, various Buildings, Southbank & Eureka Skydeck and 500 odd Street Art shots…. Look out!!


One response to “Melbourne – Part 1 [MAINLY STICKER ART]

  1. Grand to see the knitters have got out into the cold heart of Melbourne!

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